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06 Dec 2023 
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 I'm having trouble with the phone billing option
 If you are having trouble with our phone billing you can reach their support at : GXBill Support page
 Why was I denied upgrading my account?
 If you got received a "denied" message when attempting to upgrade your subscription we suggest you try the following: 1. Try our alternative billers, check or phone. 2. Rejoin and choose the montly membership from start, if your credit card gets d
 I never received my welcome email
 After a signing up you should receive a welcome email with your login details and subsribtion id. Here are a few reasons why you might not have received it yet : - Your inbox is full - The mail got filtered as spam - There was a typo in your email ad
 My credit card was declined?
 My credit card was denied when I tried to join? To read about some of the most likely reasons for your credit card being denied, look at the following information. If this doesn't work then please choose one of these alternative payment options wich you
 Will my membership stop working the day I cancel?
 You will always get the days you paid for. So if you joined for a 30 day recurring membership and decide to cancel after 10 days you will still be able to login for 20 more days before you r username/password stops working.
 Will there be any traces of porn?
 Absolutely not! All of our 3rd party billing services are very discrete and secure. None of the billers will post anything porn related that will show up in your bank statements later. If you are worried about traces on your computer we suggest you ru
 I forgot my username/password?
 I don't remember my password can you help? Absolutely, you can retreive your login details by using our lost password retrival page which can be found here .
 How do I cancel my membership?
 How do I cancel? It's very simple to cancel your recurring billing! Please read the instructions below! ************************** If you joined via CCBILL, please click here to cancel. ************
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