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06 Dec 2023 
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 Windows Vista compatible?
 All our WMV videos should play in the bundled media player in Windows Vista. However you could encounter problems trying to stream the videos. If you are having trouble streaming the videos please try the following: In control panel>internet options>co
 What language is the movies in?
 All our movies comes with the original japanese audio with subtitles in english. We do not offer movies that are dubbed to english.
 How often do you update the site?
 We add new content weekly. You can at least expect 2 new full dvds every week in the members area.
 What video quality are your videos in?
 All new updates are encoded in fullscreen (720x544) and with a bitrate of 3000kbit/s. Our older updates are encoded with in 448x336 and with a bitrate of 1500-1800kbit/s.
 Will your movies work on OSX/Mac?
 Will your movies work on OSX/Mac? Yes all our movies are in format wmv and mpeg. For OSX users we suggest you download the following player: VLC Media Player If you are not running OSX 1
 Can I enjoy your sites from a 56k modem?
 Yes our movies are compatible with systems with slow modems, BUT it will take quite a while to download the files with such a slow connection. We recommend that you use a download manager to accelerate and manage your downloads so you can pause and resume
 Will there be any traces of porn?
 Absolutely not! All of our 3rd party billing services are very discrete and secure. None of the billers will post anything porn related that will show up in your bank statements later. If you are worried about traces on your computer we suggest you ru
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