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19 Jun 2024 
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 Save videos to your HD
 Save video files by first downloading the full video to your hard drive. 1. Right click on the "download" link. This will bring up a menu where you can choose "save link" (Firefox) or "save target as" (Internet Explorer).
 How can I burn your movies to watch on my dvd player?
 If you want to be able to burn your movies on a DVD and watch them on a standalone DVD player you will first need to convert them to the original DVD format. We suggest you use this free software:
 How do I run the games from the bonus section?
 Unpack the files with "winrar" then either "burn image" or use Deamon Toolz to open/mount the cue file with. Note! Some games may be in japanese
 How can I download and view the books?
 All our books are in the format ".cab" These files are similar to ZIP files. To download the books right click on the links and choose "save target as" and choose a location on your hd. If you're using Windows Me, 2000, or XP, CAB file support is bu
 The movies will not play
 The most common reason for the movies not starting is that you're connecting to our site with a slow internet connection. If you want to stream our movies online you need to have a fast internet connection! We recommend that you save the files directly to
 How do I download the content?
 It's very easy to download our movies so you can play them again and again and keep them permanently in your collection! What you should do is right click on the Download links and choose "Save target as.." then choose where on your hard disk you want to
 The Audio is out of sync with Video
 If the audio and video is out of sync you can easily adjust it with a few taps on either the "j" or "k" button on your keyboard when playing the movie in VLC media player. You can download VLC Media Player
 What video quality are your videos in?
 All new updates are encoded in fullscreen (720x544) and with a bitrate of 3000kbit/s. Our older updates are encoded with in 448x336 and with a bitrate of 1500-1800kbit/s.
 Will your movies work on OSX/Mac?
 Will your movies work on OSX/Mac? Yes all our movies are in format wmv and mpeg. For OSX users we suggest you download the following player: VLC Media Player If you are not running OSX 1
 Can I enjoy your sites from a 56k modem?
 Yes our movies are compatible with systems with slow modems, BUT it will take quite a while to download the files with such a slow connection. We recommend that you use a download manager to accelerate and manage your downloads so you can pause and resume
 Movies will not download
 Are you receiving a FORBIDDEN message when you attempt to download ? In order to download movies correctly from our site, you must use Internet Explorer ( Windows ) or Safari ( Mac ) with a security setting of Medium or Low. In order to change your se
 Can I watch your videos on my Iphone?
 To be able to play our flash (.flv) videos on your Iphone you need to download and install an application called Sky Fire on your Iphone :
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