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20 May 2024 
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 The movies will not play
Solution The most common reason for the movies not starting is that you're connecting to our site with a slow internet connection. If you want to stream our movies online you need to have a fast internet connection! We recommend that you save the files directly to your computer before you try to play them. What you should do is right click on the Download links and choose "Save target as.." then choose where on your hard disk you want to save the movie, then it will start downloading. If you click a link directly it will try to start streaming but if your internet connection is too slow it will keep starting and stopping until the movie is entirely loaded and by then you could have downloaded instead and it would be available for instant playback whenever you wanted to view it.

If you are unable to get an image after you have downloaded the full movie you can try another media player :
Download VLC media player here

The file could also be corrupt. A download manager helps you download with less chance of a getting a corrupt file. Read more about download managers here

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