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16 Jul 2024 
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 I can't login
Solution I'm not able to login.

Just signed up:
There can be a few minutes delay before your password gets activated after your transaction is approved. Please wait a few minutes and do not make several attempts to login in a short time since this will block your ip for 30 minutes.

My user name or ip is banned:
This usually happens if you've tried to login many times with an incorrect password, or if your download manager is opening too many connections to the protected area. If you get the IP error, you should stop all programs trying to access the site and wait 30 minutes, before trying again.

Another common error reason, is that you have shared your PRIVATE login details with other people or are trying to use a password from one of the illegal password sharing sites!

Double check your username/password. Please note both username and password are case sensitive. We suggest you copy and paste your login details from the welcome email you received. If you’re unsure about your password, you can retrieve the info Here

Sometimes firewalls or other programs like browsers have built in ad blocking.This can also block parts like the verification image on the login page. If you are missing parts of the website like you are not able to see the 4 digit code on the login page we suggest you check your firewall or any ad block programs settings.

If none of the above information helps please submit a ticket here

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